Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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Personal injury law attempts to cover all areas and types of injuries suffered by individuals. The most common areas are as follows: automobile accidents, premise liability, medical malpractice, product liability, workers' compensation, common carrier liability and assault and battery. Each area has many different sub categories which further narrow or define the specific circumstance under which the injury occurs. The law on each is vast and although the law in each follows similar patterns or principles, please note that each individual state has its own laws which apply. Therefore, this article is not intended to cover the specific law applicable in each state but rather to provide a basic understanding of the general principles at work. This author practices law in the state of Connecticut and can provide specific advice or information as to that state only, upon inquiry. I cannot offer legal advise as to other state law but can provide referrals to competent attorneys in other states for same.

The basic principles of personal injury law originated and grew out of the English system of justice as it evolved over hundreds of years. These principles were adopted by the United States system of justice and continued to grow and be modified throughout our own history. The basic goal of this law was to provide an injured party access to the courts in order to obtain a remedy for his or her economic loss when injured through the fault of another party. The basic principle behind this concept is that the innocent injured party should not be left to absorb and suffer the loss alone and that the party responsible for producing the injury should be held accountable to the victim and compensate him or her for the injuries. It is a noble idea with just goals, however it has and can be abused by attorneys and insurance companies alike. Therefore, your best protection is to educate yourself.

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