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Personal Injury

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This is an extremely wide area of law and covers everything from minor food poisoning cases to airplane disasters. If any manufactured product causes an injury it may give rise to a claim. Initially, most states have laws which limit the time period a product placed on the market can be subject to a product liability claim.

These are called statutes of repose and basically say that when the individual item or product has been sold more than ten years ago, the product is no longer subject to a claim for injuries. Thus if a lawn mower was sold more than ten years ago and causes an injury to someone due to a defect in it's eleventh year, the lawn mower may not be a subject to a claim.

There are exceptions to this rule, for instance, when the product life is expected to last more than the ten years; however each state has different laws with respect to this therefore please consult your local attorney, or contact this office for a reference, to find out the appropriate time limits on these so-called statutes of repose.

Please note that you should not confuse the statutes of repose with the statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations are generally laws which apply to all types of injuries and limit the time period you are able to bring suit after the date of your injury. In Connecticut you have three years to commence suit from the date of your injury on product liability claims.

Therefore, as a general rule in Connecticut, in order to have a valid product liability claim you must commence suit within three years from date of injury and the product must have been bought or entered the stream of commerce within the last ten years; both requirements must be met.

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