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Personal Injury

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Train Accidents

Happening on a Large Scale

     Every 90 minutes, a train accident occurs somewhere in the United States and every two weeks, a train carrying hazardous materials runs off the tracks and spills its load. Train accidents greatly result in lost of lives and severe personal injuries while material spills out of cargo trains creating hazardous and dangerous conditions in the community. These accidents usually consist of derailments, collision with passenger vehicles, and collision with other trains. Said accidents are sometimes also due to mechanical failure and negligence.

     Most people do not realize that train accidents do happen on such a large scale. Every individual has the right to assume that he or she is safe from these accidents. However, in the event that they indeed do happen, the victim of such personal injury has the right to demand just compensation and recovery of damages from the negligent train owner or operator.  

Determining the Liability

     When train accidents happen, there are laws that exist to determine who shall be held responsible and the corresponding settlement arising from the damages that the victim will be entitled to. Furthermore, if evidence shows that the carrier was at fault, there are also factors in determining the extent of its liability. Under such situations, our Personal Injury Lawyers specializing in train accidents are very much reliable to help you. We assure you that train accident claims are certainly one of our many expertise. We are adequately knowledgeable of the California laws concerning them and we will pursue your case with utmost dedication and competency.

Our Train Accident Lawyers

     Proving the victim's physical, emotional, and psychological injuries can sometimes be very difficult. Yet our Personal Injury Lawyers specializing in train accidents are all capable of providing the necessary legal assistance to train accident victims in proving the injuries resulting from the accident.  Aside from this, we will also try our very best to obtain reasonable compensation for the damages sustained by the victims by providing evidence that the law requires.  

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