Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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General Negligence

Being Mindful of Your Safety and that of Others

     General Negligence refers to the carelessness or lack of care and precaution of a person that caused prejudice and damage to another.  As human beings living in a civilized society, we are all expected to abide by certain standards of reasonable care and avoid behaving and acting in a manner that might prejudice the rights of other human beings. In fact, laws need not be passed in order for us to actually know the difference between right and wrong or between what might be prejudicial from what is not.  We are allowed to conduct ourselves in a manner that will enhance our personality but not be to the extent of harming others.  We must not only be mindful of our own safety and protection but must also consider the peaceful living and welfare of our neighbors.  In short, as individuals, we are responsible for all the effects of our conduct.  And if for whatever reason another person was injured or prejudiced because of a negligent act, liability will definitely follow through.

Damages Allowed

     There are several types of damages that may be sought in a general negligence case. Medical expenses, lost income, lost or diminished earning capacity, and other out-of-pocket expenses can definitely be recovered as economic losses. If the victim died, funeral and related expenses may also be awarded. An injured party may also seek restitution for non-economic losses related to pain and suffering. This can include past, present, and future losses. Disfigurement and disability are also examples of non-economic losses that may be awarded to victims of general negligence. When the actions were gross or intentional, punitive damages may also be awarded to prevent the defendant and others from committing similar acts in the future.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers

     If you have been a victim of another person's negligence, you must safeguard your rights by getting the services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in the soonest time possible.  Here in this website, our Personal Injury Lawyers are experts when it comes to general negligence claims.  We can help you obtain the damages you deserve from the negligent person who caused you your personal injuries.

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