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Personal Injury

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Worker's Compensation Claims  


     When an employee was involved in a work-related accident and sustained personal injuries by reason thereof, a claim for compensation and damages will be available for him and his family irrespective of whether or not the accident was accompanied by any fault or negligence on the part of the injured employee. This is because of the fact that the primary purposes of worker's compensation laws include aiding the employee in defraying the medical expenses incurred for his treatments and help him recompense loss wages during the time of recovery and inability to work for the time being. For this reason, when a workplace accident happened, victims are advised to immediately file the appropriate worker's compensation claims.

The Need for a Worker's Compensation Lawyer

     Usually, after a work-related accident has taken place, the victim prefers to have his claim settled out-of-court even if the amount of the awards being offered by the employer is considerably lower than what he is rightfully entitled to under the law. The victim employee finds such alternative more practical, faster and less expensive on his part.  However, under the worker's compensation laws, the award of worker's compensation claims should always be commensurate to the injuries suffered by the employee. With this kind of practice by the employer, it is considered to be in patent violation of the law because its conduct prejudices the right of the employee and places the latter at a great disadvantage. Hence, as an employee filing for worker's compensation claims, you need to seek the assistance of a worker's compensation lawyer to avoid the oppressive practice of employers and their insurance companies of paying less than what is lawfully yours.  A worker's compensation lawyer will help you protect your rights as a victim and settlement offers from the employer will become more sincere and realistic because of your lawyer's representation for and in your behalf.

     Hence, if you have been involved in any work-related accident, don't just try to settle your worker's compensation claims without an expert lawyer on your side.  Here in this website, our Personal Injury Lawyers have been representing employees for claims on work-related accidents against the employer.  We will settle your worker's compensation claims not to the extent of placing you at a disadvantage. In fact, if the award of compensation is lesser than the awards provided under the law, we will then make the necessary action in court against the oppressive employer and its insurance company to fight for your rights.  

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