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Personal Injury

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Construction Liability

The Hazards in Construction Sites

     Blindness, amputation, head injuries, fractured bones, scarring, and disfigurement are only some of the serious injuries that may result from construction site accidents pertaining to Construction Liability.  Employees working in these places have a right to work in a safe and hazard-free environment just like employees working in other business industries. In fact, the employees in the construction industry should get more protection from the employer because they are obviously more prone to accidents considering the dangerous nature of their work.  If workers have been injured on the construction site, they are entitled to recover monetary compensation for their injuries, loss of wages, and other related expenses.  Furthermore and in relation to this, anyone or any worker involved in a construction site accident and who suffered personal injuries therein will be entitled to a claim against the employer because negligence is always presumed on the part of the latter.

The Most Common Causes

     Construction site accidents under Construction Liability, just like other accidents, have no sense of timing. Even if caution is already observed and exercised by a construction worker, they can still happen because of the negligence on the part of the business employer.  Construction site accidents usually come in different forms.  Basically however, they occur as a result of the following:

? explosions
? equipment malfunctions
? electrocution
? slip and falls
? negligence
? poor safety standards
? falling construction debris
? machine malfunction
? unsafe ladder breakage
? unnoticed flooring holes
? lack of safety equipments

Our Construction Liability Lawyers

     Our Personal Injury Lawyers have their expertise on construction liability. These lawyers know too well that victims are entitled to claim for various compensation benefits as a matter of right.  With the quality of legal service we provide, victims of construction liability can be assured that even though the negligent party denies liability, the rightful legal procedure in courts shall be undertaken in order for them to recover the indemnification they truly deserve.

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