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Personal Injury

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Animal Attacks

Statistics on Animal Attacks

     Animal attack cases are becoming very rampant anywhere in the world. They happen in zoos, in a neighbor's backyard, on the streets or even inside one's own home. Admittedly, the most common cause for these animal attacks is the failure of the animal owner or custodian to safely keep the animal away from other persons. It is a given fact that animal owners and keepers should exercise the proper care and diligence in the custody of their animals whether they are wild, tame, or domesticated. In California alone, a considerable number of animal attacks have already been reported with most of the victims suffering severe personal injuries while some did not survive the vicious animal attack and eventually died.

     If you or a loved one has been a victim of an animal attack, you are definitely entitled to a claim against the owner or custodian of the animal who attacked you.    

The Experts

     In this site, our Personal Injury Lawyers provide aggressive representation in many areas of personal injury laws including animal attacks. The damage caused by unleashed pets and improperly restrained animals is extensive and oftentimes permanent.  This is the reason why we encourage the victims to not just wait for the scars and wounds to heal but to take the necessary legal action against the negligent animal owner or keeper as soon as possible.

     With years of experience in the legal profession, our Personal Injury Lawyers have had countless settlement negotiations and jury trials for our animal attack clients. If settlement does not push through with respect to your animal attack claims, we will be prepared to go to trial to get you the compensation you deserve. You should not be burdened and discouraged with the difficulty of dealing with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, plastic surgery and other negative consequences of an animal attack. Our expert lawyers will help you recover what you are rightfully owed.

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