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All you wanted to know about Birth Injury Law

Birth injury or birth trauma is referred to any damage suffered by a newborn during the natality (childbearing) period due to the negligence and blunder of someone.  Various types of birth injuries include:-

* Spinal cord damage
* Bruises on the face
* Fracture, generally of the collar bone
* Cephalohematoma- A condition in which bruises occur on the scalp.
* Sub conjunctival hemorrhage-It is visible in the form of redness in the eyes.
* Facial Paralysis

A birth injury lawsuit can be filed by the plaintiff when an infant is inflicted with injury during childbirth due to the doctor or his medical staff's negligence. The cases of negligence include:-

* Miscalculation of the size of the baby.
* Inappropriately using forceps during natality.
* Neglecting health problems of the mother during pregnancy.
* Giving incorrect medication to the mother during pregnancy.
* Giving incorrect medication to the new born.
* Mishandling the new born resulting in his slip and fall.
* Proper and immediate medical treatment not being provided to the mother or the new born.
* Proper supply of oxygen not being delivered to the infant.

An experienced birth injury lawyer will be able to advise and guide the plaintiff regarding his case and the compensation he would be entitled to.  Some birth injury lawyers give free consultation to the parents of the injured child. Legal matters regarding such birth injury cases are explained.

Birth injury lawyers are specialist medical malpractice lawyers. An experienced birth injury lawyer is well informed of the causes and results of birth injury. This helps him in building up his case.  A good birth injury lawyer   gets the grieved, compensation for the following:-

* Damages for physical injury sustained by the baby.
* Compensation for the medical treatment of the infant.
* Damages for the pain and suffering caused to the infant.
* In extreme cases, claims for life care costs of the baby, if he has been mentally or physically impaired for life
* Punitive damages if wrongful death during childbirth has been proven.

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