Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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Accidents at Work

Whether major or minor - If you have suffered an injury at work - you are entitled to damages especially if you can show that someone else (usually your employer) was at fault.

Workplaces have to comply with strict rules and complicated regulations to protect the safety of their staff and if your injury was caused by your employer's failure to adhere to these regulations you will have a strong case.

If it was a fellow employee who caused your accident, your employer is still liable to pay for any damages. Employers Liability Insurance covers such instances and your employer has a legal responsibility to hold this insurance.

If you have an accident at work what should you do?

DO report the incident immediately and record it accurately in the Accident Report Book. Make sure it is a fair and accurate account of what happened and sign it

DON'T let your employers pressure you into giving a too detailed written account of the incident - you will still be suffering from the trauma.

DO make sure that your employers report any injuries to the Health & Safety Executive. It is their legal obligation to do so.

DO contact the Law Firm as soon after your accident as possible, that way the accident is still fresh in your mind and it will help us to investigate more efficiently.

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