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Personal Injury

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Work Related Injury - Workplace Accidents & Injury Law

If you are employed by a business or person in Australia then by law the employer is required to take out Workers Compensation Insurance to cover you against injury caused by workplace accidents. The law in all the States and Territories is completely different, however 'as a rule' if you are injured at work you are entitled to claim -

- Weekly loss of earnings or a percentage thereof
- Medical expenses
- Rehabilitation costs
- Retraining costs
- Lump sum compensation for the injury sustained

Please note, there is cover under the Workers Compensation Insurance for traveling to and from and in connection with work.

If you have sustained a permanent injury then you are more than likely entitled to claim lump sum compensation for the injury sustained. You should certainly contact Legal Injury for immediate assistance in this respect.

Some common injuries which occur in the workplace are:

Severed or Partially Severed Limbs can occur at work and even though it may have been reattached, you may be suffering from tingling sensations or numbness in the injured area or your movement may be restricted. Whilst you might think that it is not worth making a claim for injury, your whole life may be upturned when you find that due to restricted movement you are unable to maintain a strong grip on a shovel at work, or unable to type on the computer like you used to. At Legal Injury we can discuss your options with you so that you aren't out of pocket.

Lacerations which result in scarring. You may not think you are entitled to make a claim, however if your body is scarred as a result of an incident at work, you may very well be entitled to make a claim.

Severe Burns can occur in most workplaces and more often than not leave permanent and prominent scarring. If you have suffered from burn injuries in the workplace, please contact Legal Injury.

Fatalities at work can occur. If your loved one is killed as a result of workplace negligence, you may be entitled to make a claim. A lot of people believe that it is too difficult to pursue a claim after their loved one has been killed at work and struggle as a sole parent family to meet the financial needs. Our friendly staff understand what you are going through and would be happy to discuss your options with you through this difficult time.

Repetitive Strain Injuries such as:

- Computer Related Repetitive Strain Injury to the hands and arms
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Tennis Elbow

Hearing Loss is a serious problem which affects many workers. This can occur over a period of many years after exposure at work. Noise Induced hearing loss is completely preventable however it is only recently that it has been compulsory to provide adequate hearing protectors and once your hearing is lost, it is nearly impossible to get it back again.

Over exertion which may occur in one sudden and life changing event or it may have a more gradual onset. This can lead to problems such as:

Musculoskeletal injuries

- shoulder injuries
- knee injuries
- elbow injuries
- ankle injuries
- hand injuries

Back and Neck injuries

-herniated disc
-disc bulge
-Back sprains and strains
-Lower back pain
-Disc protrusion
-Slipped disc


Psychological claims are becoming increasingly common in Australian workplaces. Conditions such as:

- Post Traumatic Stress is not usually accepted if it has developed over time. This is mainly related to an immediate shock or a series of shocks in the workplace. eg. Being the victim of an Armed Robbery at work. This shock can severely impact on the quality of your life.

- Stress Related Conditions eg. Sexual harassment, physical or emotional exhaustion caused by specific work activities

- Other stress related psychological disorders which relate to issues in the workplace.

Some factors at work which may cause psychological or emotional stress can be:

- Sexual harassment, bullying or racial discrimination
- expecting employees to work long hours
- lack of communication at work
- you may not have received enough training
- the environment at work
- repetitive or mundane work
- you may be concerned that your job is at risk
- you may have been asked to do something which you believe to be wrong or against your morals

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