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Industrial Accident

By the very nature of some companies, their products and their equipment, industrial accidents do occur. These accidents take many forms; minor/major chemical spills; nuclear/radioactive waste spillage, as well as major fires and explosions. Of course, there are also the physical accidents involving heavy machinery and cars and/or people. Let us discuss a few of these accidents in this article.

People who work in any sort of manufactory, mine or other place that fabricates any product is subject to all of the machines that they are required to operate. The machines themselves can often be hazardous to the operators.

For example, in the late eighties and nineties, some mining companies' began to use very large trucks to transport mining material around their property. The employees were required to stay in the truck at all times and as a result, several sustained back, neck, spinal cord and brain injuries, because of the trauma and vibration their bodies sustained due to the material that was being loaded; many became permanently disabled and unable to work.

Machines fail, resulting in injury or worse, and the failure may include large objects that crush, strike or otherwise contact a person in a manner that injures them. In other cases, the machines may over-heat, catch fire or shock somebody. Moreover, the person who is injured was following all of the protocol set down by the manufacturer or company.

Chemicals are a major cause of injury to employees. Often chemical containment units may fail, causing leaks and spills, so an employee has become exposed to dangerous gases, or the chemicals burn their skin.

Sometimes the companies who make the industrial equipment, tools and machines that industry uses every day, leave out key components, or fail to recognize the need for a safety device in their machines. They may have problems with their machine and despite the knowledge it may be dangerous, continue to make the machines and sell them. Both of these things can result in injury to those who operate them.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an industrial accident, you may not know all of the circumstances that caused your injury. Many times, failure in machines, or the unsafe running, maintaining or storage of machines, chemicals and other potential dangers, go unfixed. The company who operates them may ignore clear indication that they are failing and are a clear health hazard. In such a case, they are liable and you may be entitled to legal compensation.

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