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Fires and Explosions

Fires and explosions are the second leading cause of accidental death in the United States, killing about 4,000 people a year and injuring another 25,000.  These horrific events take victims by surprise and often result in extremely painful burn and blast injuries.  

Fires and explosions can be caused by a number of factors including gas leaks, defective electrical systems or defective appliances.  Regardless of the cause, fires and explosions often result in devastating injuries that can result in permanent disability or death.

Some types of fires and explosions include:

A factory explosion that causes loss of life, injuries and property damage to the surrounding community.
Equipment failure that causes explosions
Poorly stored combustible materials that cause explosions and/or fires.
Bad, out of code or improperly placed electrical wiring that causes electrocutions, severe electrical burns or electrical fires.
Exploding tires that cause car and truck accidents
Tunnel or other excavating blasting accidents that get out of control and injure or kill people in surrounding areas.  
By its very nature, a fire can significantly increase the risk of serious injury in vehicle crashes. Fire is of particular concern when victims are trapped in their vehicles especially when there are jammed doors or a collapsed roof.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, you should not assume that the fire was a "normal" result of the accident. Fuel systems are designed to avoid breaching and not spill fuel in accidents. Fuel leaks, faulty engine switches and defective tank placement are some of the manufacturer safety defects that may lead to fire in an accident. In those cases the manufacturer is liable for physical injuries and property damages.    

In some cases, a fire or explosion occurs because someone was careless or a company was negligent. In cases involving a fire or explosion, determining the cause can be critical and can also be scientifically complex.

Burn injuries and injuries from powerful blasts produce some of the most painful injuries imaginable.  These types of injuries require months, sometimes years of rehabilitation and often leave permanent scarring and disfigurement.  People with disfiguring injuries are likely to experience prolonged bouts of depression and may withdraw from their families and friends.

In addition to the horrific physical suffering, people who are injured in fires or explosions incur vast medical expenses and may experience job loss,  mental impairment and permanent physical disability.

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