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Personal Injury

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Alcohol and Personal Injury

Driving in a state of intoxication is not just a's a threat for many people whose lives are put at risk. Statistics show that a person is killed every 30 minutes due to drunk drivers, while injuries occur every two minutes. The statistics of accidental deaths due to alcoholism accounts for about 40 percent of all accidents happening in the US every year, and is steadily rising.

Most of the time the violators consist of young men. Some cases do not only account for alcohol intoxication, but fro different causes too like illegal substances. Many were reported to use marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy pills and other illegal drugs. Often times the injured parties do not usually involve the offenders, but rather the victims of hit-and-run and motor collisions. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs indeed prove very fatal for the lives of other people. Victims may suffer life-long disabilities such as spinal cord injury, dismemberment, disfiguration, or even lead to death.

These things can actually be grounds for negligence if you're a victim of personal injury, and by all means you can proceed to court litigation and seek indemnity for the damages. Personal injury lawyers may assist you in evaluating your claims and to inform you about the legal procedures you can do. But be also wise in choosing a good lawyer by seeking referrals from people who can help. It's best to get a lawyer who has reputation from people and who has a good record of winning cases and acquiring settlements in behalf of his/her clients. Your indemnity will depend on the particular circumstances relating to the accident, which the lawyer will try to sort out and explain to you.

Drunk driving is indeed a serious case of negligence for personal injuries. It's a needless tragedy and warrants liability for the offender. As an unfortunate victim, the big step you can take to uphold your rights and get compensation to aid for your recovery is to seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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