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What You Need To Know About Electrical Accidents

There are around 400 deaths related to electrocution on workplaces every year, and it is estimated that over half of these deaths are caused by defective equipment and appliances. The usual culprits for these accidents are faulty electrical wiring and lack of precaution. Companies are then held responsible for not implementing the standards for safety to avoid such cases of electrocution.

A person gets electrocuted when a part of his/her body is exposed to an electrical current, like spliced or open live wires, or grounded metallic surfaces. Our body is an easy conductor of electricity since our human make-up is mostly water. Once electric current goes thru our body, it will flow into the ground to complete the circuit. The severity of the damage by electrocution will vary, depending on the voltage of the current. In most cases, it can just cause slight muscular spasms, but at worst it can cause burns, heart attacks and respiratory failure.

Most injuries by electrocution are caused by everyday appliances such as hairdryers, oven toasters, extension cords, electrical cleaning equipment and more. If these equipments are proven to be faulty, a person may then file a product liability suit against the manufacturer, and obtain the necessary compensation for medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering. There are certain state laws that govern product liability, which varies between states, but they generally follow the same legal principles.

If you have been injured thru electrocution in the workplace, say, on construction sites, your company may give you workers compensation provided you file your claim properly. By law, employers must provide workers' compensation programs in cases of manpower injury. But most insurance companies give claimants a hard time to redeem their compensation, because most claimants are not well-informed about the risks involved when filing claims with insurance companies. Nevertheless, your rights to be compensated must be protected and upheld. Though it will be a legal battle that can be both expensive and time consuming, it is a battle worth pursuing.

A good personal injury lawyer will be your ally as well to help you file your claim. Today, you have a lot of options on choosing your advocate. Look at online resources and seek references from friends when choosing for a personal injury lawyer: one that actually specializes in product liability cases. Your lawyer will help you fight against the manufacturer or the insurance company should the compensation you're entitled to be not given appropriately.

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