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How to Prepare Yourself in Meeting Your Personal Injury Attorney

What to expect in the first meeting
The first meeting with your personal injury attorney can be very crucial in the pursuance of your claim case. Thus, it is indeed important to be prepared before you meet your attorney. Otherwise, it would only cost you larger money since it would take you so much time to discuss everything about your case.

Aside from the details of your case, of course, the lawyer would want to know some of your personal background, contact details and some other things like what you expect for your case. Usually, a legal counsel would ask a client to answer a list of questions pertaining to the case. If your attorney would also do the same, I do suggest that you should completely fill it up with facts and not with false accusations then return it to him immediately for proper assessment.

It is also good to be comfortable with each other on your first meet. The following are some tips on how to have a good start.

- Do not be late on your schedule. Tardiness is an indication that you are not that interested in pursuing your case.
- Dress accordingly. Semiformal or casual attire will help you gain credibility in your statements.
- Do not use vulgar and offensive words when you are speaking with your attorney.
- Be open-minded and listen carefully to whatever your personal injury attorney will tell you.

What documents to bring
During your initial telephone conversation with your personal injury lawyer, ask him what documents you should bring to your meeting. Otherwise, take a look the general list below. These would help your attorney to evaluate your case at hand. Hence, it would lessen the time needed to resolve your legal problem.

Here are some of the possible documents that would be vital for an injury claim:
- A copy of police report that contains the details of the accident or offense that injured you
- A copy of your medical records and/or the findings of your doctor
- Hospital Bills
- A list that contains all the effects of the injury in all the aspects of your life
- A statement of all your other expenses together with its corresponding official receipts

What questions you should ask your attorney
Preparing a list of questions to ask is always a good idea. As a client, you have the right to know if your attorney fits the job of defending your case. You should also determine his manner of charging fees and other options that would speed up your case. This set of questions may guide you accordingly during your initial meeting:

- How long has he been handling personal injury cases?
- How many cases has he handled during those years?
- How many personal injury claims did he win for his clients?
- What may be the strong and weak points of your case?
- What are his advises to resolve this problem?
- What are his plans of action to ensure your success?
- How long would your case be resolved?
- Should you need help from other attorneys to assure a positive result?
- How much would my entire case cost?

Finally, if you have decided to continue hiring the services of your attorney, it would be smart for you to ask him to provide a contract that would further explain your case arrangements.

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