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Elder Abuse

What is Elder Abuse?
Elder Abuse means subjecting an aged person to physical, emotional exploitation or neglect, intentionally or unintentionally, causing reversible or irreversible harm.

What are the types of Elder Abuse?
Elder Abuse can be of different types, the most common being ?

Beating, slapping, pushing, and bruising hands, neck, wrists and ankles, due to improper handling. Inflicting injuries and ignoring injuries without providing proper medication.

Emotional / Psychological
Causing fear, stress, pain and suffering or mental anguish. Threats, insults, rudeness, lack of attention, isolating from social contacts.

Some other forms of abuse include ?

Sexual Abuse
This is often the least reported type of elder abuse, which includes improper touching, clicking photos in suggestive poses, forceful viewing of pornographic material, rape, nudity and sodomy.  

Financial Exploitation
Misuse of elders' funds, misappropriation, forgery, theft, forced property transfer, unauthorized purchases, denial of own funds to elders, misuse of power of attorney and other legal arrangements.

Neglect (by caretakers or caregivers)
Not giving proper attention, deliberately ignoring physical and emotional needs, denying social contacts, failing to provide basic necessities like food, water and  clothing, denying assistance with daily activities, and not fulfilling financial responsibilities like payment of bills, managing funds etc.

Where does Elder Abuse occur?
It can occur in locations or situations involving elderly people, such as ?

Nursing Homes / Institutions for the Aged
Staff employed at either of these facilities and responsible for the care of the elderly is likely to abuse them.

At Home
A majority of elders live with their family members and are vulnerable to abuse by any of the members. Most reported abuse incidents occur at home.

How can Elder Abuse be prevented?

Changing ones attitude positively by being more caring, tolerant and patient
Educating others about abuse and taking steps to prevent it.
Avoiding violence, abusiveness, humiliation or negligent behavior towards persons of any age.
Appointing caregivers for short periods to relieve oneself from that role.
Increasing social contact for the elders, with relatives, friends and acquaintances.
Counseling elders with care and concern, to rectify behavioral problems.

What you can do?

If you come across elder neglect, report it to your state abuse center or the police immediately; they will handle the situation professionally.
If you are a victim of Abuse or Neglect, talk to someone you know to arrange for help, or call up an agency which works towards helping abuse victims.
If you are abusing or neglecting an elderly person unintentionally, approach day-care centers for the elderly or therapists, who can relieve you of the stress.
The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) and similar organizations work towards prevention of elder abuse and neglect.

Personal Injury Lawyer
If you or someone dear, has been a victim of elder abuse, then seek legal help from our attorneys to claim monetary compensation, which you are entitled to.

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