Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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Personal Injury Accident Cases

It is a common misconception, that accidents are beyond our control and that they are incidents of fluke.

While this could be true in some cases, fact remains that many accidents are also caused due to:  

- negligence,
- carelessness,
- highly risky actions or
- faulty products

Accidents almost always result in:

- personal injuries
- emotional distress
- property damage
- loss of wages or source of livelihood

Some areas are exposed to more risk of personal injury accidents than others.

- Every year 40,000 Americans die as a result of car accidents, most people may be involved in a car accident once in their life.

- Every 16 minutes, there is a death due to a truck accident. Trucks are amongst the biggest causes of personal injury accidents with as many as 500,000 accidents every year, resulting in brain, spinal, joint and muscle injuries.

- In railroad accidents, the victims are mostly railroad workers and / or passengers. Although less frequent, they cause personal injuries, even death.

- Construction sites are amongst the most dangerous workplaces. Workers are exposed to harmful chemicals, heavy machinery, electricity wires, metal rods, falling debris and unprotected heights. Disabling and debilitating physical personal injuries and accidents are very common among construction workers.

Personal injuries and accidents are burn a hole in the pocket with numerous expenses with medical bills, loss of income and property damage. Many times, people responsible for the accident evade their responsibility of paying for the harm caused. The services of a personal injury attorney can be utilized to prove liability and collect compensation. At times legal action may force the erring party to take remedial measures, to prevent acts of negligence and recklessness in the future.

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