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Personal Injury

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The insurance company representative is not your friend

Many insurance company representatives talk to you in a very respectful and soothing way in an attempt to gain your trust and draw information from you about your personal injury claim. This "nice guy approach" is often a trick that allows them to gather informal comments and take them out of context to build a case against you.

Insurance companies may make oral promises they don't keep

An insurance agent may ask you if they can tape record your recollection of the accident so they can expedite payment of your claim. However, the insurance company representative's job is always the same: to save the company money by minimizing payment to you. A personal injury attorney in your area can explain the pitfalls in talking to insurance companies, and may communicate directly with the insurance company on your behalf so you don't have to.

Nothing is "Off the Record"

Even the most casual comment you make to an insurance company can reduce your compensation. It is important to keep in mind that the idea of "off the record" does not exist with insurance companies. Something as simple as politely saying, "not too bad" to an insurance company representative who says, "How are you feeling today?" can turn up as evidence in your case.

Most insurance companies devote vast resources to minimizing consumer claims

When you speak to an insurance company representative on the phone, you may have a vision of that pleasant person working in her department to get your medical bills paid, perhaps consulting with a supervisor on some issues. In fact, insurance companies employ lawyers, some on staff and some outside, and investigators to help them avoid making payments to personal injury victims. It is important to realize that you have a large company with virtually unlimited resources building a case against you. If your insurance company has a qualified attorneys working for them, don't you think you should have one too?

Negotiating on your own can be a dangerous endeavor

A personal injury lawyer in your area will know all the tricks that the insurance company could use to devalue your claim, and can help you compile the evidence necessary to prove negligence and your damages. Insurance companies often try to discourage claimants from hiring personal injury lawyers. That's because they know that personal injury victims who are represented by attorneys generally receive higher settlements or awards at trial.

The insurance adjuster's job is to build a case against you

Insurance companies deny or underpay claims all the time. The insurance company representative's job is to find a way to show their client was not at fault. If that's not possible, they'll attempt to prove that you didn't sustain any damages, or limit the amount of damages. They may even try to intimidate or confuse you, so that you unwittingly release valid claims and waive your right to pursue additional compensation. In short, they'll do everything in their power to pay as little as possible on your claim.

Insurance companies are only interested in profit

Insurance companies are private, for-profit corporations. They make money by taking in money in premiums for the policies they issue and then avoiding paying out claims under those policies. Even though you hear television commercials talking about how insurance companies care for you like a person, their bottom line is profit. If you stand to cost them money, they are not on your side. Some insurance companies even tie employee reviews and financial incentives to the rate at which the employee denies or minimizes claims.

Total Lawyers can put you in touch with a local personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer in your area will know the tactics insurance companies employ, and can help you pursue your claim.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Learn about your rights and options before making a decision about your next steps.

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