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Safety in School

Along with the many positive experiences associated with a child entering school, there are also possible negative experiences. Two of the more serious are drugs and injuries.

Children are being exposed to illegal drugs at increasingly younger ages. Drug use even in elementary school is not unusual. It is important that parents discuss drugs with their children at the earliest possible stage, so the children will be informed and prepared to handle a situation in which drugs are present.

To assist parents in teaching their children the dangers of drugs, the law firm of Kraft & Associates is offering, free of charge, a "Crack Down on Drugs" coloring book. This book conveys an important message, but in an interesting manner. The book is appropriate for children of any age from pre-school through elementary school.

Injuries are another potential hazard for pre-school and elementary school children. Many children are injured each year in playground accidents and by unsafe or defective toys. Kraft & Associates has available a booklet titled "Play It Safe" that includes tips on buying and using children's toys. This booklet is also available free of charge.

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