Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

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Oily Skin

Oily skin often contributes to the appearance of acne, but alone it can be a cause of concern as well. Oily skin is undoubtedly something that is considered unattractive.

When you experience excess oil on your skin, you can well try to manage it through your diet. Ironically, a deficiency of unprocessed fatty acids, both mono- and polyunsaturated can be the causitive factor in oily skin and even in acne. Natural vegetable oils that are unprocessed can be helpful when added into the diet.

Oily skin is often an internal problem and the root cause needs to be understood before treating it. In order to “mop up” the excess oil, one can use topical retinoid acne treatment medication like different “drying solutions”. Many contain alcohol. This helps in soaking excess oil from the skin's surface, but too much can be overly drying. Always keep blotting tissues in your bag while you go out. When you feel oily, you can use it to pat away excess oil. Another excellent topical aid is Witch Hazel. It helps close pores and decrease oil secretion..

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