Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases

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Napkin dermatitis

Napkin dermatitis, also known as diaper rash or nappy rash, is very common. Some babies seem to get sore bottoms very easily, others very rarely, but they all grow out of it when they stop wearing nappies.

Cause of napkin dermatitis

- Irritant contact dermatitis: urine and faeces will cause a rash on any skin left in contact for long enough. Sometimes ammonia is formed and burns the skin.

- Infection with bacteria and candida yeasts (thrush).

- Other skin disorders: psoriasis and atopic dermatitis can affect the napkin area.

The nappies themselves are not responsible. Washing powder or nappy cleanser isn't either, as long as the nappies have been thoroughly rinsed to remove them.

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