Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases

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Acne urticata

Acne urticata is a form of prurigo and is not a true form of acne. Sometimes it is described as "neurotic excoriation". It tends to affect middle-aged women. The cause is not understood. The affected women are often under stress but it is hard to know whether the stress precedes the rash or whether the stress is caused by the rash's itchiness. It can cause depression or perhaps result from depression.

In acne urticata, small bumps (papules) or blisters (vesicles) arise in the "cape" area of the body, ie the face, scalp, neck, upper arms and upper trunk. They are so intensely itchy that they are rapidly scratched or picked. This leaves unsightly, crusted lesions, which may then leave permanent small white scars.

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