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Capillary Hemangioma of Infancy

A capillary hemangioma of infancy (CHI) is a soft, bright-red to deep-purple, vascular nodule-to­plaque that develops at birth or soon after birth and disappears spontaneously by the fifth year. Synonyms: Nevus or mark, angiomatous nevus.


CHI is a localized proliferation of angioblastic mesenchyme.


Capillary hemangiomas are typically found at birth. They will grow during the first decade and most will shrink (involutes). If they involve the eyelids, they can cover the eye and cause loss of vision (amblyopia). It is very important that children with capillary hemangiomas be seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist and eye cancer specialist as soon as it is found.

* Small red vascular lump that bleeds easily
* Often occurs at site of recent trauma
* Seen most frequently on hands, arms, and face

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