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Pyogenic Granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma is a rapidly developing hemangioma, at times arising at sites of minor trauma, characterized as a solitary eroded vascular nodule that bleeds spontaneously or after minor trauma.


The cause of pyogenic granuloma is unknown. It often seems to follows a minor injury and grows rapidly over a period of a few weeks to an average size of a half an inch. The head, neck, upper trunk and hands and feet are the most commonly sites.

Pyogenic granulomas are always benign growths. Still there is always a concern that they could be cancerous, and rarely a cancer can mimic pyogenic granuloma.


Lesions usually first appear as a small pinhead-sized red, brownish-red or blue-black spot that grows rapidly over a period of a few days to weeks to anywhere between 2mm and 2cm in diameter. Occasionally they may reach up to 5cm. They bleed easily and may ulcerate and form crusted sores. Usually a single lesion is present but in rare cases groups of multiple lesions may develop.

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