Skin Diseases

Skin Diseases

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Zygomycete is an infection that is caused by fungi. It is a very rare infection to come into contact with. There are two different types of Zygomycete infections. Mucorales and entomophthorales are the two types of Zygomycete. Those who are most affected by Zygomycete are infected with mucorales. Mucorales often infects those who have weak immune systems due to taking certain drugs and disease such as diabetes. Mucorales affects males more often than it does females. It is an infection that normally occurs on the face. The fungi enter the body through the nose and cause the face to swell due to inferior turbinates. Entomophthroales is a chronic disease that has two different species on infection. Zygomycetes is very contagious, but it cannot be contracted from person t person.

Symptoms of Zygomycete

* Swelling of the face or eye area
* Palpitations or movable lumps on the face
* Peeling or swollen skin over lumps
* Lumps will be painful to touch. Pain might also be experience
* Runny, bleeding, or stuffy nose
* Fever, facial pain, nausea, and blurred or impaired vision
* Coughing up blood, abdominal pain, and convulsions can also be symptoms of Zygomycetes.
* Some signs and symptoms of Zygomycetes can only be recognized by a doctor or other trained medical professional
* Pus or drainage from the nose
* Inflamed cranial nerves and lethargy
* Kidney infections, skin infections, and thrombosis

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