Stress Management

Stress Management

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What symptoms are suggestive of chronic stress?

- Feeling tense or on edge

- Having excessive muscular tension/chronic pain (e.g., headache)

- Being unusually hyper-reactive, irritable, or angry

- Having difficulty sleeping

- Feeling chronic physical fatigue

- Feeling "burned-out," overwhelmed, or mentally exhausted

- Diminished ability to think, concentrate, or remember information

- Feeling depressed or anxious

Of course, these symptoms may well represent a more specific medical or mental illness and should be checked by a medical professional. If you choose to see a psychologist, for example, she/he may well recommend that you also have an exam by your physician to rule out a specific medical illness. Even if a specific illness or disorder does exist, chronic stress may also be present and may make the symptoms of the illness worse. In fact, illness itself can be a significant stressor.

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