Stress Management

Stress Management

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Stress from Insecure Future - Case Example

Monica, 23, feels overworked. She has little money, and what she has she spends on beer, to drink herself to sleep. She is often so "stressed-out" she can't sleep even half-drunk, and goes to the gym until all hours.

She sometimes collapses at work, falling further behind, stressing her out even more. She cannot fathom what her future is. In therapy, she reveals a serious coffee habit (measured in pots, not cups, per day) and an artistic bent that got her a bachelor in fine arts.

After demonstrating some simple relaxation techniques (deep breathing, positive imagery, etc) the therapist identifies a few problem areas and helps Monica articulate short and long term goals.

They then begin together to identify the steps required to achieve these goals. Monica agrees to abstain from alcohol and coffee, and is soon on a healthy schedule, taking masters level art classes, and saving away a little cash.

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