Stress Management

Stress Management

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From a psychological view, it helps to remind yourself that even though these attacks can be scary, they do not mean you are in a life or death situation.  

As indicated above, when someone has their first panic attack and does not understand what is happening, they often go to their doctor or an emergency room as a safe guard.

If you have done this, and your doctors have reassured you that you are dealing with stress induced panic and not a major medical problem, then you will be better prepared to keep any future panic attacks in perspective.

Well, what does "keep the panic in perspective" mean? Here, you would want to actively remind yourself of certain things if you are experiencing a panic attack, or beginning to sense that a possible attack might occur soon.  

You want to remind yourself that although scary, there are things you can do to short circuit the panic.

Also remind yourself that even if you do experience a panic attack, these are typically short time-limited experiences that often end within 30-60 minutes. Our bodies get exhausted and the panic eventually has to stop, even if you do nothing about it.

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