Stress Management

Stress Management

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Stress from Perfectionism - Case Example

Ocama, 47, recently suffered a minor heart attack and was told by his doctor to reduce his level of stress. He runs his own business with a budget of over ten million dollars, and is doing well financially but it never seem to be enough.

His large family, two homes, and some old debts take much of his income, but money doesn't seem to be the issue. Ocama feels angry a lot, and feels separated from his family, though he knows they love him. In therapy, Ocama discusses his drive to achieve, and soon accepts the suggestion that he is something of a perfectionist. Soon, he uncovers an intense anxiety about letting down his father, whose own business acumen was such that Ocama feels he'd have to "conquer the world" to ever please dad.  In the short term, the therapist teaches Ocama to relax through meditation and some other exercises. In the long term, he helps Ocama come to terms with his father's disappointment, and begin to accept himself whether he conquers the world or not.

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