Stress Management

Stress Management

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People-Induced Mental Stress

Other people can cause a lot of mental stress for you, but only if you let them. We all have friends and family members who thrive on drama and dragging you into their latest misadventures.

This creates mental stress for you because you love them and care about them. Even when you don't allow yourself to be a party to the situations, you still can't help but think about them and how they're doing.

The easiest way to deal with this is to simply distance yourself from negative people. If you can make the choice to stay away from people who thrive on making you a part of their own drama, you will find that the stress you feel around them will also diminish.

When it's not possible to stay completely away ? as in the case of family members ? try and limit the time you spend with them. Make it clear to them you are not going allow their stress to become yours.

You may find that your unwillingness to be drawn in will have them choosing to spend less time with you in favor of someone else who does feed into their drama and negativity. You'll still worry about them; they are family, after all, but it will be your choice and on your terms.

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