Stress Management

Stress Management

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Actively talk to yourself in order to reassure yourself that you will be okay.  If you have had any prior successes with short circuiting panic, this is the time to focus on that.

Say positive things like "I've handled these in the past and I can do this. I am not in danger and my goal is to slow down the high arousal. Let me focus on my breathing. This might take a little time, but I can do it".

Avoid any catastrophizing which exagerates your panic and will only generate more adrenaline and stress. If you say things like "I'm going to die", "I'm totally out of control", or "This scary feeling will never end", you will actually fuel more anxiety.  

If you happen to have a prescription for a mild anti-anxiety medication, remind yourself that you have this backup "insurance" available.

However, whenever possible, try to stop the panic if you can without the medication. This will build your confidence should you ever be in a situation without any medications available.

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