Stress Management

Stress Management

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Stress Facts

42.6% of adults 18+ years old experienced adverse health effects from stress in 1985. The U.S. Government's goal is to reduce this to 35% in the year 2000. - National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives
37% of private companies with worksites with 50+ employees offered stress management programs in 1992, up from 27% in 1985. - U.S. Dept. Health and Human Services (Percentage of Adults)
(Percentage of Adults) How People responded to the Question: "What is your main health concern?" - Yankelovich/Poromina Health Systems, Atlanta Stufy

Annually, over 200,000 U.S. workers suffer repetitive stress injuries from typing, lifting or assembly line work. - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
When asked to rank the elements of life that cause them the most stress, respondents placed "excessive noise in the environment" right behind "working/raising family." - National Stress Survey, Prevention Magazine
Per capita fat consumption is down, but per capita calorie consumption is up. This is one contributing reason why 71% of adults 25+ years old are considered overweight. - National Health and Nutrition Study and Louis Harris Survey
In 1996, nearly one fourth of adults or 46mm people were on a diet. - Calorie Control Council
Dr. Herbert Benson at the Harvard Medical School has proven that the relaxation-response technique decreases heart and respiratory rate and lowers metabolism. Regular use can lessen effects of hypertension, relieve fatigue and improve coping skills.
Massage can aid in increased blood circulation and lower blood pressure, reduction in fatigue, increased restfulness of sleep, and increased sense of well-being and elevated mood.- Physician's Guide to Therapeutic Massage
Over half of the population (55%) feel they would rather "rest and relax" during their leisure time versus participate in "enjoyable activities" (34%).- Yankelovich Monitor
More than half of all deaths between the ages of one and 65 result from stressful lifestyles.- U.S. Center for Disease Control
Research shows that regular workouts lift depression, banish stress and sharpen the mind. - American Health Magazine

Over 30% of U.S. adults experience enough daily stress to impact their performance at home or work. ?National Science Foundation
More than half of all deaths between the ages of 1 and 65 result from stressful lifestyles. U.S. Center For Disease Control

Lack of control, high demands and repetitive work lead to job stress which can lead to health problems. - Duke University
Stress management training for heart attack patients achieved a 40% reduction in recurrence compared to patients who received only standard care. -American Heart Journal
Job related stress creates home problems which adds to job stress affecting personal productivity. ?National Study Of Changing Workforce
Chronic pain, anxiety, chronic fatigue, addiction, and headaches are the most common problems patients take to alternative providers. Treatments most often used are chiropractic, lifestyle/diet,exercise/movement, and relaxation. Stanford University School of Medicine
Annually, over $800 million dollars are spent on "anti-anxiety pills". The U.S. accounts for 5% of the world's population and consumes 33% of the pills.-Neurogen
1/3 of the U.S. population makes New Year's resolutions to begin stress management programs-Prudential Healthcare Survey
Over 6 million Americans practice or have tried Yoga-1995 Roper Poll

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