Study Skills

Study Skills

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How to Become an Excellent Student

Do you have a desire to become a successful student? Well, here's how you can accomplish it.


Like all exceptionally great students, you must pay attention! When a teacher is giving a lesson, take notes and if you don't get something, raise your hand and ask. The more questions you ask, the smarter you'll get, believe it or not. By passing notes and talking to friends, you won't learn anything, so pay close attention!

Review your notes when you have some free time, Take some time to write some problems up, or you could ask someone to write them for you. Just remember, it doesn't hurt to go over what you have learned.

Do your homework. Teachers give you homework for a reason, you know. It is to review what you have learned that day. Take advantage of your free time. If you really want to be a successful student, you should know right from the beginning when you want to be great at anything, you have to put up with things that just don't seem fair. Doing your homework is not a big deal. Remember, homework can also help you develop good habits and attitudes.

Be prepared. Bring everything you need with you to class. Books, folders, pens, pencils, homework, review sheets - whatever you need it would be a good idea to bring it.

Get organized. Keep a folder for each subject, and yes, you put your math papers in your math folder, you put your Language Arts papers in your Language Arts folder, you put your science papers in your science folder, and so on. It would really be a good idea to color code or label your folders.

Study. It would be a good idea to start studying a few days before a test. Make a study schedule. If an extracurricular activity gets in the way of your studying, tell the person in charge of that certain event, that you will not be able to attend that event, or you will have to leave early. However, there will be certain situations where you will have to attend whatever it is. In this kind of situation, you will just have to study another day. This is where your study schedule comes in. Write out a schedule of the week of your test and find your free time. Always remember, use your time wisely.

Start to read a little more. If you are not already a reader, start at your level and work your way up. You may not know this, but by reading more challenging and difficult books, you are expanding your vocabulary.


Always go for extra credit even if you are getting a 98% in that certain class. You can always do better.

Stay focused. Everyone knows school can be boring, but you have got to concentrate on getting focused. Keep your eyes on the teacher, keep your ears open, and take notes. Taking notes will help you think and help you understand what is being taught more.

Sleep! Sleeping well is essential to keep you concentrated on classes and also on your studies.

Rewriting notes taken in class is helpful if taking exceptionally hard classes. (for example law, medicine, engineering, etc)

Lessons are fun if you pay attention and listen to what the teacher is saying, and if you know about that topic you will feel good, and if you don't know about it, maybe you should study it a little.

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