Study Skills

Study Skills

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Study Habits

1. Set a regular time to study. Make sure you have all the material necessary to study.

2. Read all assigned material prior to the next class meeting. Come to class prepared to ask questions which arise from the reading. Survey each reading assignment prior to reading it. Highlight important information. Reread difficult material until you understand it.

3. Turn in all assignments on time.

4. Review your class notes, edit and rewrite them if necessary.

5. Keep a schedule of assignments and due dates. Set deadlines for yourself that come before your instructor's deadlines so that you have time for revising and improving your work.

6. Allow enough time for each assignment. Start with your toughest or least favorite subject.

7. Study with classmates-group study can be very effective.

8. If you have difficulty with course material consult your instructor. He/she may recommend tutoring:

Act on such a recommendation to this free service immediately.

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