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Study Distractions Analysis

Concentration is the number one problem for many students. Frequently, the problem is one of finding a place to study where there are no external distractions, such as telephone calls, visitors, and noises. Concentration may be difficult when there are too many such distractions present. This checklist will help you analyze distractions in the places you study.

List the three places where you usually study in the order you use them most:
1. __________________________________   #T ____   #F ____

2. __________________________________   #T ____   #F ____

3. __________________________________   #T ____   #F ____

Now record your total of true (T) and false (F) responses to the statements below for EACH of the three places you usually study.

1.  Other people often interrupt me when I study here.  
2.  Much of what I can see here reminds me of things that don't have anything to do with studying.  
3.  I can often hear radio or TV when I study here.  
4.  I can often hear the phone ringing when I study here.  
5.  I think I take too many breaks when I study here.  
6.  I seem to be especially bothered by distractions here.  
7.  I usually don't study here at regular times each week.  
8.  My breaks tend to be too long when I study here.  
9.  I tend to start conversations with people when I study here.  
10.  I spend time on the phone here that I should be using for study.  
11.  There are many things here that don't have anything to do with study or school work.  
12.  Temperature conditions here are not very good for studying.  
13.  The chair, table, and lighting arrangements here are not very helpful for studying.  
14.  When I study here I am often distracted by certain individuals.  
15.  I don't enjoy studying here.  

The location which has the most "false" responses may be the least distracting place to study. Try to plan your day so that you do as much of your work as you can there.

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