Study Skills

Study Skills

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Successful Behaviors

1. Goal Setting

Set a goal.

Make a detailed plan.

Take specific action.

2. Time Management

Take advantage of small blocks of time. Studying is more effective in short, frequent sessions, and it's easier to find a small amount of time.

Respect schedules. Get up when the alarm clock goes off. Rest during breaks. Complete assignments on time. Listen to your biological clock.

Don't waste time. Study while waiting for an appointment. Start a task instead of thinking about doing it.

3. Stress

Procrastination causes stress and is usually caused by fear, fatigue, or poor organization. Identify your reasons for procrastination and take action.

-Start any task immediately. Don't wait to feel ready.
-When it's time to study, start within five minutes. Don't let time slip away on other tasks.
-Use an empty desk top to avoid distractions.
-Recognize the need for more information. Sometimes procrastinating is a sign that you don't have enough information to begin the assignment.
-Learn to identify the ways you avoid work.
-Turn off the TV.

Identify and ignore any negative inner dialogue. Replace negativity and fear with concrete action and a positive mental attitude.

Be proactive rather than reactive.

Get enough rest. Don't rely on caffeine or sugar.

Learn to relax.

4. Ability

Take a placement test to determine the correct level of learning.

Keep up with the class assignments.

Read the text and other assigned materials carefully.

Read and listen actively.

Take notes.

Get help if necessary.

Improve concentration by eliminating distractions, developing good habits and strategies, keeping a positive attitude toward learning and teachers.

Become familiar with campus resources and assistance.

5. Academic Conduct

Attend regularly.

Be on time and stay for the entire class.

Pay attention, stay alert, and find a way to be interested.

Participate and ask questions.

Be polite and respectful to instructors, staff, and other students.

Take responsibility; avoid blaming others for your performance.

Learn from feedback and instructor comments.

Complete work carefully and on time.

Avoid talking when instructor or other students are speaking.

Maintain academic integrity. Don't cheat on exams or papers.

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