Study Skills

Study Skills

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Successful Testing

Maintain a positive attitude to learning and ability.

Keep up with course material.

Be organized and thoroughly prepared.

Become familiar with setting prior to the test.

Read questions carefully.

Be careful to answer all parts of multi-part questions.

Objective Tests:

Read carefully and examine language and grammar for clues.

Work systematically.

Read directions.

Avoid careless errors.

Essay Exams:

Start with the easiest questions.

Make notes while reading questions.

Write legibly.

Use basic expository writing skills:
-Put the answer at the beginning and get to the point (in other words, have a thesis)
-Have an introduction and a conclusion.
-Use unified and coherent paragraphs.
-Organize carefully.
-Don't ramble.
-Only include information that pertains to the answer.
-Use evidence and reasoning instead of hyperbole and opinion.

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