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Study Skills

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Systematic Reading--SQ5R

1. Survey. Read only the chapter title, subtitles, italicized terms, boldface type, and introductory or summary sections. Make mental predictions about what the titles and subtitles imply the chapter will discuss.

2. Question. Go to the first major heading. Anticipate what will be in that section. Using the interrogatives who, what, where, when, and why, turn heading #1 into a question. Then write the question down.

3. Read. Read the chapter section by section for the purpose of answering the question.

4. Record. In the reader's own words and without looking at the text, write down very short cue phrases. Think about the meaning, making certain what you write is noteworthy. Use key words, key phrases, or numbering systems for parts of your answer.

5. Recite. Cover your answer and recite it from memory.

6. Repeat. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 for each section in the entire chapter.

7. Review. Recite all answers from memory. If you can't recite all of the answers from memory, keep studying until you can. Then go to question number two.

Benefits: Eliminates the time-consuming process of rereading or "looking over" the material endlessly without ever really testing the memory. This involves active reading which sharpens comprehension.

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