Study Skills

Study Skills

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How to Be a Master Test Taker: Test Strategy

1. Before the Test

-Approach the test confidently. Remember to review.

-Don't "cram." Be careful of your diet and sleep--especially as the test draws near.

-Arrive on time...and ready.

-Choose a good seat. Get comfortable and relax.

-Bring the complete kit of "tools" you'll need.

-Avoid sharing ideas with other students at the last minute.

-Listen carefully to all directions.

2. During the Test

-Read all directions carefully--twice if necessary.

-Pay attention to the scoring plan.

-Look over the whole test before answering any questions.

-Start right in and stay with it. Apportion your time with an "exam budget." Use every second effectively.

-Do the easy questions first.

-Read each question carefully. Make sure you understand each one before you answer. Re-read, if necessary.

-Think! Avoid hurried answers. Guess intelligently.

-Get all the help you can from "cue" words and phrases.

-Rephrase difficult questions for yourself. Watch out for "spoilers."

-Use controlled association to see the relation of one question to another and with as many important ideas as you can develop.

-Now that you're a "cool" test-taker, stay calm and confident throughout the test. Don't let anything throw you.

-Edit, check, and proofread your answers. Be a "bitter ender." Stay working until they make you go.

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