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Reading Methods: PORPE

PORPE is an approach to studying textbook materials in which you create and answer essay questions. It can be a time-consuming process, but it is an excellent tool for preparing for essay exams.

PORPE is broken down into five steps:

Predict: After reading the chapter, predict possible essay questions from the information contained in the text. In the formation of these questions, you should avoid questions that begin with "what" or "when" and do not include analysis. Some key question words are "explain," "discuss," "criticize," "compare," and "contrast." (Hint: Predict more questions than the exam will actually have.)

Organize: Organize, summarize, and synthesize the key points of the chapter using your own words. Then outline answers to the predicted questions.

Rehearse: Recite aloud the information and quiz your memory. This step helps you to place the key ideas, examples, and overall organization in your long-term memory. You should allow a couple of days for this process.

Practice: In practicing, you answer your predicted essay questions from memory. You can sketch an outline of the essay or prepare a complete answer.

Evaluate: Evaluate your own work by asking the following question: Do I have enough concrete examples? Is my answer complete, accurate, and appropriate? Is there anything I should study (going back to step #3) before taking the exam?

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