Study Skills

Study Skills

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Study Skills

No doubt, studying can stress you out. You are unable to focus, to sleep, you suddenly pick up the flu, and you munch on anything edible at 4 AM. There are no guarantees what will work surely you will discover success with some of the helpful tips below.

1. Planning to Study

--Know how you are using and misusing your time; replace misused time with study time.

--Plan to study 2 hours for every 1 hour in class.

--Study difficult or boring information first.

--Avoid scheduling marathon study sessions.

--Avoid studying similar subjects back to back.

--Be aware of the time you are most alert and study then.

--Use waiting time (i.e. waiting for the bus, in between classes, on the bus,
waiting for an appointment) to sneak in a few minutes of studying.

--Keep a calendar for the semester to track assignments, tests, and papers.

--Make a daily to-do list and prioritize important tasks and assignments.

2. Where to Study

--Select a regular study area. This will help you concentrate more quickly.

--Do NOT get too comfortable. You want your mind to be alert and eyes open.

--Use the library. Most students get more done in less time in the library.

--Find a quiet place to study so noise does not interrupt studying.

--Consider study groups. They can assist in articulating concepts and avoiding procrastination.

3. How to Handle the Rest of the World

--Pay attention to your attention. When your concentration is broken, take a 15 minute break. If necessary, find a new place to study or perhaps even a new time.

--Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

--Make arrangements with roommates about study time to avoid being disturbed.

--Stay away from the phone and IM. If you take a call but really cannot spare the time to talk, ask to call the person back when done studying.

--Eat a healthy diet with at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day.

--Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.

--Learn to say “no” to others who want your attention during your study time. Do this by saying, “I can't right now but will be able to at… Will that work for you?”

--Allow down time to relax and do something you enjoy each day for 30 minutes.

--Exercise most days of the week.

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