Study Skills

Study Skills

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1. Isolate yourself. Turn the radio off. In effect, remove from your environment all stimuli which could interfere with concentration.

2. It's hard to concentrate when the subject matter is difficult. Try the techniques recommended for dealing with difficult material.

3. When you sit down to study, be prepared to keep at it without interruptions. Thus, have at your study table your cigarettes, coke, sweater or whatever it might be that you might want. Don't allow yourself an excuse to interrupt your studying because you have to go after something that you need.

4. Follow your time schedule religiously. After a while you will have conditioned yourself to begin studying at the given time.

5. If you catch yourself daydreaming, break it off.

6. Set realistic goals for yourself. Don't say, "I am going to study for four hours tonight," if your habit is to study for only thirty minutes. Establish goals which you can attain.

7. Eat and sleep regularly. If these necessities become routine, they will not interfere with your study schedule.

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