Study Skills

Study Skills

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Moving up a Grade

If what you are presently doing is not getting you the results that you want, be prepared to try something different !

Achievement levels become a habit. If you don't like the level you are presently achieving, it is time to change.

Take Action Now, the sooner the better !
If it's to be, it's up to me !

Skills and information that are presented in learning courses are often in a sequence, one following the other ......

a bit like bricks being laid in a row, then on top of each other to form walls, that can be interwoven to make houses..... Bricklayers know that the strength of the wall depends upon the foundations that are laid and the quality of the work done cementing in the bricks along the way. Imagine the consequences of forgetting to lay or secure many of the bricks in the lower courses. Eventually the wall will become unstable preventing the addition of new courses and a wall or house may even collapse.

Just as courses of bricks occur at different levels requiring varied techniques to put them into place, grade or outcome levels at schools are usually determined by the various strategies and skills that students bring to the tasks they are set.

The sooner you start giving your best effort the sooner the results improve.

1. Goals - Get Motivated
2. Organization - Plan Your Way
3. Action - Grab All The Opportunities
4. Live it - Practice
5. Self Test for Feedback

If you seem to be stuck at an achievement level, be prepared to invest additional time as you identify and adopt the behaviours and strategies that correspond to higher levels of achievement.

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