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Study Skills

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Ask Questions

Asking questions will gain you extra details and make more connections with what you already know. You can build a better, clearer image of the information that you want to learn.

Why ask questions?

-Get Help - understand what is expected of you
-Get Feedback - check if you are working correctly
-Demonstrate your commitment
-Improve communication with your teachers.

You will benefit from being able to ask questions confidently. Most teachers enjoy talking with students, the sooner you start talking in a mature manner with your teachers, the sooner they may start to treat you with respect.

Get serious!

-Look like you really want to know the answer.
-Sound sincere, be polite.
-Ask questions as soon as you realize you need help -the first convenient time that does not disrupt the class
-Write the question down in your note book or diary so that you remember to ask, especially if you experience problems at home.

Three Great Questions

1. If you need further explanation

"I was listening, but I still don't quite get (it.... the information), could you please explain it to me again, differently ...Thank you."

Especially if your teacher frequently accuses you of not listening the first time, or simply repeats information in the same manner each time you ask and you still don't get it.

2. If your teacher is not answering your questions in class

"Excuse me...., I still don't quite get (it.... what you were explaining in class today, etc.), when can I see you, (at lunch, recess, before or after school... etc.), to go over it again".

This question needs to be asked sincerely and you will need to attend meetings when time is available to you. Usually the teacher will start answering your questions and helping you in class. Approach your teacher after class or during a school break.

3. If you want to improve your assignment grades

"Excuse me....., I am really wanting to achieve........... (a better score, 'A' grade, etc.), will you please look over my (plan, draft... etc.) and give me some feedback (tips, ideas, strategies.. etc.)..... thank you"

To benefit most from this question you will need to plan your assignments so that you are working with a few days to spare before the due date. When you have completed your assignment plan or first draft take it to your teacher and fire off the question. Not only will you learn the strategies that you need to lift your skill level, if you closely follow the teacher's tips you will usually get the higher grade.

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