Study Skills

Study Skills

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Study Skills For Your Teen

Many teens who have problems with schoolwork simply have never developed study skills. Studies show that taking time to teach study skills has "turned on the light bulb" for students in classes they thought they had no hope of passing.

Many schools take time out of the school day to teach study skills. Your teen may or may not have been in a class where this was covered. As we all know, however, having something covered and having it "sink in" are not one and the same.

If your teen is struggling in one or more courses, the chances are good that he or she is feeling overwhelmed. With your help and encouragement, your teen can learn to tackle seemingly insurmountable homework by breaking it into small, manageable steps. Here are several skills to build study habits and improve grades.

Getting started

1. Find out at school what the day's homework is for each subject.

2. Bring home books or materials needed to complete your assignments.

3. Assemble necessary books and materials.

4. Set a time to begin-and begin!

5. List all tasks you are required to do.

6. Prioritize tasks based on importance and due dates.

Following through

1. Complete tasks in the order that they have been prioritized.

2. Make notes of important facts.

3. Repeat important points to yourself several times.

4. Remain on task, free from distractions (no radio or TV going).

Being prepared for class

1. Assemble all books, papers, homework, and writing implements.

2. Be on time for class.

3. Present homework and assignments when requested by the teacher.

4. Write down assignments and homework to complete.

If your teen doesn't have a special place to study, please locate one now. If there is no location designated to store books or a backpack for the next day, please think of one.

Remember that the responsibility of completing schoolwork belongs to your teen, not you. At the same time, you can help your teen solve the problem by helping him or her get into the habit of breaking tasks down and completing them-step by manageable step.

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