Study Skills

Study Skills

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Ten 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' for a student preparing a presentation


1. Lots of background research. Even if the information is not used in the presentation, it is useful to have as much knowledge as possible for the discussion and audience questions.

2. Be organised - prepare in plenty of time.

3. Structure your presentation.

4. Focus on the question set.

5. Obtain material from a wide range of sources.

6. Practice your presentation. This helps take away some of the embarrassment when it is for real, and enables you to check the timing.

7. Use note cards.

8. Speak clearly.

9. Have eye contact with your audience.

10. Use clear OHPs (word processed, large font size, use of bullet points etc.).


1. Leave research and preparation until the last minute.

2. Rely on one source of data.

3. Make it up.

4. Just hope that it will come together on the day without preparation and practice.

5. Have no notes to rely on if you get stuck.

6. Worry too much - its not as bad as it seems.

7. Mumble.

8. Read from a script.

9. Rush the presentation by speaking too fast.

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