Study Skills

Study Skills

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Ten 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' for a student writing an essay


1. Read and analyse what the question is really asking you.

2. Lots of background reading and research using a wide range of materials (books, CD Rom, journals etc.)

3. Make a time plan.

4. Start early - taking notes and researching.
5. Make an essay plan before you begin writing.

6. Stick to the question asked.

7. Write rough drafts.

8. Reference correctly.

9. Read through before handing in, and leave plenty of time for corrections.

10. Hand in on time.


1. Leave research and preparation to the last minute.

2. Go to the library to get materials only a few days before the submission date.

3. Copy large sections of text from books (Plagiarise)

4. Forget to make a note of where your information came from as you won't know which author to reference.

5. Rely on a computer to pick up all your spelling and grammatical errors.

6. Use limited sources/references ( lecture notes, A-level notes etc.)

7. Rush it.

8. Use irrelevant material.

9. Put quotes in without references.

10. Sit and worry about it - seek help!

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