Study Skills

Study Skills

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Suggestions for how to write an essay

1. Identify what the essay question/ title is asking you to write about; check with friends or your tutor that you really understand the question.

2. Divide the task into sub-tasks e.g. library search, planning, making notes, and draw up a timescale for completing these tasks.

3. Brainstorm ideas and make an initial plan for your essay.

4. Search for and select appropriate information; read and make notes.

5. Make first draft of essay. Remember to include an introduction, a well sequenced middle and a conclusion. Remember your tutor has to be able to follow your argument, so put it in a logical order.

6. Read your essay; alter parts you are not happy with; check spelling and grammar; check bibliography.

7. Write final version, proof read. Complete essay self-evaluation form and submit on time.

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