Study Skills

Study Skills

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In Class

1. Arrive on time for class.
Professors do not take lateness lightly

2. Position yourself in the classroom
to focus on the subject matter;  consider the best location for:

---asking questions
---seeing visual materials
---discussing--not only with the teacher but also your classmates

3. Avoid distractions
that may interfere with your concentration
(daydreaming, looking around the room, talking to a friend, passing notes, dozing)

4. Evaluate as you listen:

---Decide what is important and should be placed in your notes and what can be left out;
---Listen long enough to be sure you understand what was said before writing.
---Ask clarifying questions (but wait for "breaks" in the instructor's stream).

5. Review your class objective(s) throughout the class period

---Did your objective(s) mesh with the instructor's introductory remarks?
---Has the class digressed from stated objectives, yours or the instructor's?

6. Write a "to do" list including

---reviewing difficult concepts;
---joining study groups;
---making appointments with a study pal, tutor, or the instructor.
One resource often overlooked is a classmate who seems to have a good grasp of the material. If it seem appropriate, seek the individual out for help.

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