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Study Skills

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Active Learning Strategies

Studies have shown that learners' concentration is enhanced when they are actively engaged while attending lectures, reading text and preparing for exams. The following section provides you with more insights about the various active learning strategies.

A. Strategies for Lectures

- Taking notes during lectures instead of passively listening during the session.

- Asking questions during the session

- Participate in short quizzes during the session

B. Strategies for Reading Text Assignments

1. Adopt a reading method such as SQ3R: Survey, question, read, recall and review (Robinson, 1946):

- Survey the chapter before you read. Look through the title, headings, and subheadings, captions under pictures, charts, graphs or maps.

- Question while you are surveying the chapter. For example, ask yourself "What do I need to know about this chapter-" and write it down.

- Read intensively and critically with the specific questions and goals in mind.

- Recall by making notes with minimal reference to the text at the end of the chapter or section.

- Review by checking that your questions have been answered and pursue any new questions you may have.

2. Attempt quizzes available in the chapter

3. Familiarise yourself with technical terminology in the text.

C. Strategies for Test Preparation

- Write down what you need to know when you re-read your notes.

- Create graphic displays or maps on a topic.

- Recite key information out loud

- Attempt self-tests

- Schedule deadlines for revising different modules

- Take regular breaks and plan rewards throughout the period

- Plan revision in such that you do not get bored by merely revising one subject over a long period of time.

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